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Stress Management and the Mind/Body Connection.
A Workshop for Greater Health and Wellness: Module 1

Calling All Health Care Professionals!

Would you like to assess your patients more quickly
and effectively?

See more patients daily while utilizing a streamlined information gathering system?

Learn tools to make your work more empowering?

Create a positive impact on the health of your patients while increasing the number of clients
you serve by attracting them to a wellness-oriented way of life?

Dr. Michael B. Roth, Holistic Chiropractor

Stress Management and the Mind/Body Connection
A Workshop for Greater Health
and Wellness: Module 1

You will learn:

• How stress affects the three aspects of the Triad of Health: Structural, Chemical, and Emotional

• How to facilitate Applied Kinesiology/muscle response checking

• How to locate body points to determine the origin of the stressor and how to clear it

• How beliefs and identities affect the Emotional leg of the Triad

• How to test your patients to determine the most beneficial foods, vitamins, and supplements.

A hands-on workshop with many demos and opportunities to practice!

Roth Chiropractic & Wellness Center
1787 Mesa Verde Ave., Suite 140, Ventura, CA 93003


Class participants are saying:

“Taking Dr. Roth's class cleared up a lot of questions for me. I was able to use the information to help my own clients and to understand my personal health.

Dr. Roth has a way of dealing with health problems that most medical doctors can’t
because he works with the whole body instead of just parts of the body. He identifies the problem and puts the patient back in control of their body.

I recommend his classes to everyone who wants to know what is happening with their body and health.”
– Dr. Bunny Vreeland

“Spectacular – much more than I expected!”
- Larry N.

“I had breakthroughs in my ability to be present when standing up in front of people!”
- Sandy J.

“This workshop was extremely empowering. I felt that I got much more than I was expecting.
Thank You!”

– Wayne Reinig (handyman)





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