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Dr. Michael Roth Professional Speaker, Author of eBook The New Wellness, Weight Loss and You - Health Solutions for a Lifetime
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Discover the Keys to Greater Vitality and Wellness! – (3 DVD Set)

Balancing Your Emotional Health

My new DVD demonstrates techniques you will want to use to pro-actively take charge of your own health and well-being as well as the health of your family and clients.

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This recording of my innovative workshop taps into cutting-edge techniques that show you not only how to determine the origin of stressors affecting your health, it also includes strategies to clear and eliminate those stressors!

As a motivational speaker on health and wellness and a holistic chiropractor for over two decades, I’ve witnessed a growing crisis in the conditions and symptoms that challenge my patients’ health and quality of life.

Our bodies are besieged by stresses that affect us structurally, chemically, and emotionally. I demonstrate with class participants simple techniques that you can start using right away for yourself, your family and your clients.

I’m sharing the methods I’ve developed and fine-tuned in my practice with you to put into action my goal of creating a shift in health and wellness from a re-active to a pro-active state on a global level.

The streamlined techniques I present work with the whole body to identify problems and present solutions for conditions that may have been troubling you for years!

The information in this DVD will empower you and put you on the path to a restored feeling of youthfulness and a renewed vitality for life’s joys and possibilities!

Stress Management and the Mind/Body Connection
A Workshop for Greater Health and Wellness: Module 1
3 disc DVD set featuring Michael B. Roth, D.C. (Includes PDF handouts used in workshop)

Cost: $
497.00 + tax & shipping.

All orders shipped Priority Mail.

Class participants are saying:

“Taking Dr. Roth’s class cleared up a lot of questions for me. I was able to use the information to help my own clients and to understand my personal health. Dr. Roth has a way of dealing with health problems that most medical doctors can’t because he works with the whole body instead of just parts of the body. He identifies the problem and puts the patient back in control of their body. I recommend his classes to everyone who wants to know what is happening with their body and health.”
- Dr. Bunny Vreeland

“Spectacular—much more than I expected!”
- Larry Nemkov (salesman)

“This workshop was extremely empowering. I felt that I got much more than I was expecting. Thank You!”
- Wayne Reinig (handyman)

“I had breakthroughs in my ability to be present when standing up in front of people!”
- Sandy James (nurse)


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